Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deepika Padukone: Two looks, One day

Who: Deepika Padukone
Where: Kingfisher Calendar event

Deepika's color of the day was pinkish-nude and she did two outfits - long and short:-) The draping is fabulous on both dresses but the first one is more classy and showcases her curves in a more sensuous way. Both outfits are screaming for accessories - bib necklaces, bracelets or glitzy clutches.. Do love her red aviators but that dress needs different shoes..

photo credits: pinkvilla.com, filmicafe.com


UB said...

I like the first outfit..

photohogger said...

Agreed. And the first outfit is the winner.

Classy&Fabulous said...

she looks awesome in both but I dont think doing the same colour in ONE day is the right thing to do.I mean whats the NEED?

Tanvi said...

First one has the class, second one has the attitude. Like them both. Love the Red aviators too!

StylishDesi.com/blog said...

Aviators are stylish!


Harman said...

its ok...the first outfit looks classy!!

Dusk said...

The first.... Goddess. The 2nd.... oh goodness!! No.

I get that she was doing the 'edgy' with the aviators but it just looks discombobulated rather than complementary.

Having said all that... this woman is my 3rd most favourite Indian Naughties Celebrity Beauty [official title] so no matter what... she is and always will be, a Goddess.

...but you're right about the accessories.

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